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GameSense Info Centres

GameSense Info Centres are located at McPhillips Station and Club Regent Casinos.

Knowledgeable staff are available to discuss how gambling works and how to keep it a game. Try our interactive resources that explain randomness, house advantage and what it costs to play over time.

The centres are also a source for support and assistance for people concerned about their gambling, if needed.

McPhillips Station Casino – 204-985-1240
Club Regent Casino – 204-985-0419

Try these interactive tools at

Player Information Booklets

Information is available at VLT lounges and lottery ticket centres to help you learn more about the games you play.

VLT Brochure
Lottery Brochure

Cost of Play Calculator

The virtual calculator gives you information about the average long-term cost of play on VLT machines. Calculating these costs may help keep VLT expenditures within your budget.

VLT Cost of Play Calculator

Social Responsibility Training

Mandatory Social Responsibility training is delivered to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries casino staff, VLT Site Holders & Lottery Retailers throughout the province.

Casino staff are trained to help players access accurate information on how gambling works, answer questions about the Problem Gambling Helpline and assist with the Voluntary Self Exclusion Program.

VLT site holder training focuses on how gambling works, available player information, customer assistance scenarios, a review of the VLT responsible gaming features and community resources.

Lottery retailer training focuses on how gambling works, the odds of winning, dispelling common myths, tips for responsible play and community resources.

VLT Responsible Gaming Features

VLTs in Manitoba have built-in responsible gaming features that help you think about the amount of time and money spent while playing. The features also provide information about the principles of gambling. They encourage you to approach gambling as entertainment, with the key message being, the more you play, the more you pay.

Features include an on-screen clock, the ability to set time limits, coin-in shown as cash not credits, bill acceptor limits, on-screen responsible gaming information displays and problem gambling helpline messages.

View all VLT features

Club Card Responsible Gaming Features

Use your Club Card to help play within your limit.  Set Player Choice Limits or track and monitor your spending with a Gaming Activity Report.

view the brochure.

Player Choice Limits

Club Card members have the option to set personal daily limits on their electronic gaming play. The opportunity to set limits prior to play may help you stay within your gaming entertainment budget.

Player Choice Limits include:

To set limits that make sense for you please visit the Player’s Booth at Winnipeg’s casinos or speak to the Operations Manager at the Shark Club Gaming Centre.

Gaming Activity Reports

A Gaming Activity Report can tell you how much you’ve spent on electronic gaming machines based on your Club Card use. Use it to balance your gambling budget and to make informed choices.

Gaming Activity Reports provide information on:

Gaming Activity Report Sample PDF

To obtain a Gaming Activity Report:

Bring your Club Card and photo I.D. to the GameSense Info Centre in the casinos or speak with the Operations Manager at the Shark Club.

GameSense Tools

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